The Broom Tree

Where Needs Are Met

Our Mission

The Broom Tree exists to support local families who have children with disabilities. As a community, our purpose is to strive to come alongside one another while assisting with the financial needs and emotional well-being of our members.


The Broom Tree Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance for families or persons with special needs. Grants can be used for medical equipment/devices, therapy, recreation, and support.

Community Outreach

We hold events throughout the year to get our families together out in the community.

Coffee Talks

Where families can informally network, share resources and speak with seasoned parents and professionals.

Jake’s Place

Jake’s Place offers a specialized summer camp tailored to individuals with special needs, providing a nurturing environment for growth, fun, and lasting memories!

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About The Broom Tree


Welcome to our community, where we understand the challenges and joys of parenting children with special needs. Just as Elijah, in 1 Kings, found solace under the broom tree, we offer a supportive space for parents navigating the complexities of routine appointments, therapies, and adapting their homes. Like the angel who provided nourishment to Elijah, we’re here to provide support, resources, and a listening ear to help parents rejuvenate amidst their journey. Through shared experiences, connections, and community, we strive to offer solace and empowerment to parents as they advocate for their children’s well-being. Join us as we navigate this journey together, finding strength and support under our virtual broom tree.


Since 2019

Our Vision

We will build a community through awareness, support, encouragement, and love.

Our Impact

 The Broom Tree is more than just an organization; we’re a beacon of support for local families with children who have disabilities. Our mission is clear: to stand side by side with one another, alleviating financial burdens and nurturing emotional well-being. Through our collective efforts, we cultivate a community founded on awareness, support, encouragement, and love. Together, we’re building a stronger, more inclusive world where every family feels valued and supported.